"The Eternal Flame course with Damien and Amaya was essential to helping me understand why so many other books and methods didn't click with me. I now have a deeper understanding of practical magic, and was impressed with the safe, empathetic, and fun atmosphere of the course!"
Whitney Hill
Award-Winning Fantasy Author

Master one of the most ancient and battle-tested forms of results driven magic: Candle Magic

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Damien and Amaya, saying hi from the Emerald Isle!

Thank you for finding out about our ‘student favorite’: The Eternal Flame – Candle Magic and the Sorcery of Fire Masterclass!

There are many ways to learn the art of candle magic in our modern world. 

Unfortunately, most people turn to books or web articles.

This is fine for learning theory and methods for working with magical currents in your life.

But when it comes to refining and growing in your magical abilities, nothing compares with personal guidance.

For this reason, we created the Eternal Flame Candle Magic Masterclass.

So that everyone could have access to the same personal guidance and assistance that are crucial for any form of mastery.

Amaya and I have pulled out all the stops from folk magic, European paganism, Slavic sorcery, and the Thai Occult. 

We poured our lives of living by esoteric principles into the Eternal Flame candle magic class. 

An entire year of working many late nights went into planning this curriculum

Our vision was to give you a rich and robust system of candle magic that anyone can use in any practice.

We distill and expound the active, working components of truly effective candle magic that changes lives and empowers occult practices.

We’re offering you everything you need to do this work yourself.

We hope you will join us.

The Eternal Flame Candle Magic Masterclass was made for ANY practice, with just a small weekly time investment

The beautiful thing about candle magic is this: it’s a great system of magic even if you don’t have a current spiritual practice.

Candle magic will serve you exceptionally well if you’re new to the occult world and unsure about your path.

I know skillful magicians and occultists whose sole practice IS candle magic.

And, if you already have a practice or devotion, candle magic can be used to enhance and deepen your power, experiences, abilities, and results!

All without disrupting your practice in the least.

Ajarn Suea Performing a Candle Magic Spell

In fact, I know the power that candle magic offers so well, that I also have candle spells performed for myself!


This image is of an incredible Thai magician (Ajarn Suea)  performing a candle spell and blessing on me. The picture on his offering area is of me 🙂

Another thing… 

Unlike many occult systems, we’ve designed The Eternal Flame course to require as little time investment from you as possible.

No, you won’t be able to glance through the lessons and come out a powerful magician.

But, for people with fast-paced lives with work and family responsibilities, you can learn and begin to use candle magic with only a couple of hours a week invested.

If you have more time to devote to your practice, fantastic! But it’s not a necessity.

The materials needed to work candle magic are very affordable and easily accessible in most parts of the world.

Not Just Candle Spells but an Entire System of Candle Magic

What exactly IS The Eternal Flame class, and what can it do for you?

The Eternal Flame class is a distillation of Amaya, and I (Damien Rourke) have learned, practiced, and benefited greatly from, thanks to candle magic over our combined 30+ years.

Just in the last year, we have used candle magic to:

– Protect abused women from terrible partners when all legal channels have failed

– Empower single people to enchant for a loving partner they actually want to stay with

– Help students land new jobs, new relationships, acceptance into colleges, bring about healing and road-openings for new opportunities

-Help students start new businesses and find financial consistency

– Swing dire legal decisions in favor of our students

Yes, we teach proven candle spells for almost anything you could want or need.

But, more importantly than that, we teach a proven SYSTEM OF CANDLE MAGIC that can be modified, enhanced, changed, or customized in any way for your life.

Amaya has years invested in her own unique use of Candle Magic in her personal devotionals, protection spells for loved ones and family, and healing work.

And I have used Candle Magic in business (creating two 7-figure companies by the age of 30) and creative pursuits, getting out of sticky situations, ending relationships that went sour, and more.

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Eternal Flame Candle Magic Students Enjoy:

From Beginning to Mastery

The Eternal Flame works to take you from absolute beginner to being able to work candle magic using long, trusted spells and recipes. You will also learn to create your own magical workings to bring you what you most desire. Protection, love, sex, money, devotion, theurgy… all will be taught.

Proven & Replicable Magical System

Eternal Flame praxis can be seamlessly integrated into any practice, religious devotion, theurgy, or used as a practice all on its own.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Personal guidance from Amaya and Damien, taking you from Candle Magic 101 to a fully capable Magician of the Sorcery of the Eternal Flame.

Candle Magic Spells for All of Life

Learn candle spells, and the ability to modify and enhance those spells, for such important areas of life as Love, Sex, Protection & Abundance.

Specially recorded guided audio tracks

For use in ritual and meditation work, completely custom-recorded for this class.

Practical Plant Understanding

of the magical properties of herbs and oils that can be used to dress your candles for more effective spell work AND also be used in many other magical practices.

Start from ANY Form of Praxis

There is no minimum experience required. ANY religion, spiritual practice, or no practice at all–candle magic is a powerful system in and of itself. (In fact, fun tidbit: almost every religion in the world is using elements of candle magic in their theurgical and prayer practices!)

Let’s break down exactly what you’ll learn, and benefit from, as a student of The Eternal Flame Candle Magic Masterclass:

Eternal Flame Candle Magic & Sorcery of Fire Masterclass

13 Enchanted Weeks, Together!

The Eternal Flame - Week 1: Magical Foundation - the three realms, how candle magic uses the three realms and increasing the power of candle spells

Week one of our candle magic class will be a celebration of new beginnings and laying a robust foundation of what candle magic can do with exciting, real-world examples.

Let’s start our journey together by exploring various realms of reality.

We will explore three main spiritual realms where, as magicians, we operate from and through. 

Each of these 3 realms empowers our candle magic in various essential ways. And understanding how each realm impacts your magic is so important that I can’t overstress it.

Together we will explore:

– The Akashic Realm: Let’s start with the first realm or the Akashic realm. Again, this is only a name. Many names are attached to the same idea. If your practice or faith has a different name or association with a similar idea, please stay with what resonates with you.

When you hear nearly incomprehensible ideas such as non-duality, primordial, transcendence, pleroma, the void, source, the one… this is the first realm, the Akashic Realm. 

This is the causal force from which everything – creation itself – emanates. Here, the gods walk behind the veils of creation in their highest forms.

– The Astral Realm: Just as we leave the Akashic realm and begin to ease into the highest levels of the astral realms, we now start to encounter more dualistic, polarized energies. 

At the higher end of the Astral realms are what you might know of as angels, grand archetypes, and planetary intelligence. If you have an issue with the idea of angels, that’s perfectly fine. Let’s not get caught up on words used but instead focus on the idea and concepts.

– The Physical Realm: The final realm we will touch on is the 3rd realm, the physical realm. This is the material world we live and move through. This realm is bound by space and time.

So what does all of this have to do with candle magic? Everything!

Once we lay that great foundation, we will continue our journey in Candle Magic by explaining:

– How magic utilizes the three realms

– How to increase your candle spell’s conductivity

and so much more!

One student said “Week one of the Eternal Flame Candle Magic Class answered more questions about magic and candle spells than all of the books I’ve read combined!”

The Eternal Flame - Week 2: Magical Foundation - the power of magical intention, Hermetic ‘3 Aspects of Being’, and magical meditation using candles.

Week two, you will learn the power of magical will/intention and how developing that will is the key to becoming an incredible magician. 

The other half of the magical power equation are deep reciprocal relationships with the world unseen and non-human, which we’ll also talk about!

You will get an excellent understanding of the 3 Aspects of Being (Physical, Astral, and Mental Body) and practical steps on developing each one using candle magic. 

If there is one area in all the occult community that Amaya and I see lacking, it’s this.

Developing these ‘3 Aspects of Being’ will lead to more extraordinary intuition and deeper ability in any form of magic or practice you pursue. 

And will transform experiential theurgy. 

It will also aid you in connecting with your guides, entities, and non-human beings you seek to build relationships with. (Will is not enough by itself to power your magic, but it’s a huge component!)

Having this ability developed makes the difference between working magic blindly (and hoping something happens) and knowing and sensing the flow of power through your magic.

There will also be a guided meditation with brain entrainment audio to start you down the path to developing your ‘3 Aspects of Being.’

The Eternal Flame - Week 3: The Power of Petition Candle Magic for Anything You Need or Want in Your Life

Week three takes us into Petition Magic and using candle magic to shape one’s personal reality in amazing ways.


We start to work with power and a proven result-driven magical framework that is a staple in most magicians’ regular practices.


It will serve you well for almost any need, and it’s highly flexible.


We delve deeply into:

– Petition Papers and the Squaring of Physical Reality; When you create your petition paper, you will make it in the shape of a square. Why a square? This is about sacred geometry, and if you’re not a believer in sacred geometry, then this also has to do with numerology and symbolism.


– Circles of Personal Reality; The deep astral message of the circle bypasses our conscious awareness and speaks directly to the quiet intelligence of our deepest being. The circle reflects the world’s—and our own—deep perfection, unity, design excellence, wholeness, and divine nature.


– Prepping the Candle for Magic and Ritual Working Area


– Petition Candle Magic Working; A step-by-step process of creating and empowering a Petition Candle Magical Working. Our students have used our unique process to find relationships, get new jobs, start businesses, bring health and healing to loved ones, create road openings for new opportunities, find rare books, etc.


Our students rave about our system of petition magic using candles.


And our process will not be found in any book or any other class.


So it’s unique to us.

The Eternal Flame - Week 4: Candle colors, their symbolism, and meaning, how to blend color candles with your unique astral candle to greatly enhance your Candle Magic

The colored Wax of a candle is like a “key”; a key that, as it melts, unlocks the deepest realms of your subconscious mind and of your entire being.

Those who cannot actually “see” colors are at no disadvantage. They can feel the color’s vibratory effects.

Because pigment is matter, and when undergoing an alchemical transformation from a solid into a liquid – it releases energy at a specific rate of speed, or “wavelength” of light.

That wavelength or frequency activates and energizes a specific part of your being as it penetrates your sight; Its impulses dance their way to your brain along the nerve routes.

Each color carries the vibratory effects of one of the Planetary influences and/or one of the four “elements,” — Earth, Fire, Air, or Water.

The actual symbolization of each color will differ with authority, tradition, or school of thought.

In the final analysis, the only actual true authority for you is yourself!

Welcome to Week 4! The Power of Color in Candle Magic

The Eternal Flame - Week 5: Sympathetic Magic Using Astral/Figure Candles

This week, we will explore a type of candle magic that is more tuned in to magically influencing human beings. 

Moving people in and out of your life. Changing the dynamic between two people or directly influencing specific results in the lives of particular people.

The type of magic we are learning about this week revolves around the second type of ritual candle used in candle magic: Astral or Figure Candles. The word “Astral” means “starry”, or “star-like.”

The name implies that each individual is like a star in the universe.

Astral or Figure Candles represent either the person who is burning the candles or the person(s) for whom the candles are being burned.

We will also discuss:

– The vast world of figure candles

– The morality of influencing other people

– Magically connecting astral/figure candles with specific people using sympathetic magic

– Using Couples Candles for love magic

– Genital Candles: Sex Magic 101

The Eternal Flame - Week 6: Enchanting For Complex Situations & Long Term Goals

This week we will step away from the art of simply enchanting candles and, instead, dive into using enchanted candles for complex situations.


Situations in your life have layers of more minor outcomes that need reaching before a larger, more ultimate goal is achieved.


I have experimented with and tested countless approaches to magic throughout my life. From grand ceremonial rituals to one-off sigil magic. From week-long novenas to one-hour chimes spells.


I have found that, oddly, all of them CAN work and DO work. What makes the difference is HOW these approaches are applied to any situation. And any situation or circumstance you will ever encounter in your life has the potential to be enchanted and molded with magic and intention.


Let’s talk about how to put magic into complex situations, circumstances & long-term goals.


We’ll have a playful look at:

– Bitesize Magic: Getting where you really want to be in life

– Fun example of how to use ‘chunking’ and candle spells to get a new, high-paying job (told through lips of a down and out Amphibian)

– Candle Enchantment in stages

– Nothing mundane about mundane magic


This is a truly fun week!

The Eternal Flame - Week 7: Ol' School Dressing Candles for Spell work

I’m super excited about this week because we are beginning to explore what is known as ‘dressing’ enchanted candles.


This is anointing or applying to your ritual candle any number of special oils, herbs, flower essences, etc.


We dress candles primarily for two reasons:

1. As a way to help hold a specific intention both in the candle and our minds. It is reasonable to assume that your powers of concentration are not equally keen at all times. Dressing a candle with the appropriate materia will significantly aid in holding that focus.


2. Through the medium of transference, Power-up and boost the output power of your enchanted candle. A previously “charged” oil, or one which vibrates on a particular wave-length, would indeed serve to strengthen/reinforce these powers.


We will also take this lesson in some unusual directions by exploring:

– Aeons and the Great Inversion: This Principle declares there is always a correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes of Life. We can learn about the spiritual realms by studying the natural realms, like studying a face reflected on the waters of a still lake.


– The Photo is not the thing: How my time as a photographer will give a fascinating ‘snap shot’ of how reality works through the lens of ‘As above, so below’


– Intro to Activating Plant Material: The physical aspect of the plant is an instant bridge BACK to its astral form, its pure frequency. Adding materia can be so powerful; you are building up the currents of power around your magic by connecting with other living lifeforms.


– Tapping Into a Plant’s Ancient Tradition & Abilities: A practical look at how to leverage any plant’s spiritual heritage in your own candle spells.

The Eternal Flame - Week 8: Building an Animistic Relationship with Plant Allies

This week we go deeper into an area of spiritual practice called animism.


In candle magic, we will discuss how to build a deep and living relationship with the plant allies you work with.


The relationship between plants and humans has been intimate since the beginning of human existence. Almost everything you need to survive can come from plants. Oxygen, a stable atmosphere, food, shelter, clothing, protection, recreation, medicine… plants have contributed to every category of human life.


These gentle green spirits have evolved to be our helpers and companions. They are more than capable of creating defense mechanisms that could repulse us or even kill us. 


In fact, plants have easily and quickly developed those defense mechanisms against insects and herbivores.


But very few are truly dangerous to humans.


This week’s lesson has touched and profoundly impacted our students. 


Some have even had incredible experiences resulting from this material.


We will explore:

– Easy Methods to Begin Plant Relationships: Wild Plants

– Easy Methods to Begin Plant Relationships: Domestic Plants

– Easy Methods to Begin Plant Relationships: Kitchen Herbs

– Coming up with Magical Correspondences

– Dressing your Spell Candles and Petition Papers

and much more!


A truly wonderful week!

The Eternal Flame - Week 9: Plant Communication for Candle Magic

Students are given an assignment in Week 8 that continues in Week 9.


This week, via a specially designed guided meditation, students learn how to connect with plant materia in a unique way. Using a skill we teach called ‘expanded awareness’, students will consciously tap into the plant’s historical astral form and its physical form.


This will really deepen and ramp up the power you can access when dressing your candles with plant material. This happens because your relationship with the plant will be deeper and more meaningful.


The difference this will make is incredible!


Think of the difference between asking a stranger on the street to help you with something versus asking a best friend or loved one to help you.


Yeah, it’s that big of a difference.


Students have emailed us crying from having profound experiences. Three students even reported healing from emotional trauma from this lesson.


This is what real magic is; a relationship with the seen and unseen worlds.

The Eternal Flame - Week 10: Putting it All together (Creating Your Own Custom Spell Candle)

This class will never be just an info dump. Instead, this class is about embodying the wisdom and understanding of practical candle magic.

Embodying knowledge only comes from actual application and DOING.

A musician has to play…
An artist has to draw, paint or sculpt…
A writer has to write and so on.

This week will be building upon all the previous week’s learnings and insights.

This week you will have the opportunity to combine all the previous week’s lessons into one full candle magic working!

You will have all the insights you need as you decide on something you want in your life and use what you have learned in class to design, create and work your own custom candle spell.

Together, we will watch your results and finetune them if needed.

Yep, it’s time to be a working magician 🙂

We want you to be competent and empowered candle magic practitioners. So, we have to take this to the real world and enchant it for results.

The Eternal Flame - Week 11: Ritually Carving & Engraving Symbols into Your Enchanted Candles

I’m particularly excited about this week’s lesson because of the doors to incredible possibilities and connection to the potential it provides.


For this week’s lesson, I want our keyword to be Compression.


Taking a lot of something and compressing it down into a rich, condensed power source.


For example, symbols and sigils.


What is essential for us to remember is that divine principles and powers appear and become visible through specific images, objects, numbers, sounds, omens, or other traces of presence.


Really think about this…


I eat a cookie, and what happens? My body breaks down the ingredients, and nutrition is extracted and disseminated throughout my body. Whatever is left is discarded.


When a symbol, icon, or sigil is used in magic, you take every metaphysical ingredient that symbol is composed of and absorb it into your mental and astral body and, therefore, your spell work.


To magicians, theurgists, and sorcerers…a true symbol doesn’t just mean the symbol is associated with an idea.


The symbol is the EMBODIMENT of those forces. The symbol, and its astral meaning and energies, have bridged over, and its physical manifestation IS THE SYMBOL.


Again, the symbol doesn’t just represent the forces…


The symbol CONTAINS the forces linked with exactly as a cookie CONTAINS all of the ingredients that went into it.


This week will be a thrilling look at how to ritually carve symbols and sigils into your candle for spell work.


We will discuss:

– Tattooing your candle

– Symbols: More than words

– Using symbols in candle magic

– Carving in wax


Everything will lead to your candle being alive once enchanted. Now, the living candle carries a sacred symbol in its very form. So that when it burns, energy and essence are converted FROM the physical, through the medium of fire and air, and dispersed into the atmosphere.


A mighty process!

The Eternal Flame - Week 12: Multi-person spells, Moving candle spells

This is the week where true mastery in candle magic starts to make itself known in your life.

This week will bring an advanced form of Candle Magic to your abilities as a magician.

We’ve covered so much in this class. Petition magic, the three realms, and three bodies…

So, where does Moving Candle Magic come in?

Moving Candles benefit us in ways that single candles might have difficulty doing.

Moving Candle Magic is fantastic for those who want more nuance in their workings.

For example, where you have multiple people involved. Or in complex situations where many things are going on at once.

Perhaps you do better with magic when it’s done visually or when you want to have a natural, hands-on approach to gradually changing or reshaping Life Circumstances.

Some people do really well with a single candle and quiet meditation.

And that’s perfectly fine!

But others, well, just want to get their hands in there, lol, so let’s go deeper into this for those who do.

Moving candle spells are where you literally move the candles every time you relight them or say another part of the spell.

This is a fantastic notch in the sympathetic magic belt for outstanding results.

You will learn how imagination is critical with moving candle spells.

The elements of a moving candle spell are a starting point (where you are now), an ending point (where you want to be), and the obstacles to getting there.

You can move the candles across the table, burn the candle upside down, light and then extinguish the candle, drip wax on something, cut the candle in half—the options are endless.

We will give you the birds-eye view of how this works and then give you a step-by-step process for doing this yourself!

The Eternal Flame - Week 13: Magical Amalgam Spells (First time Seen Anywhere)

For any subject matter, most classes online end on a low note. They’ve given their best information early on to keep people interested. And then, once the course is pretty much in the bag, they provide whatever is left at the end.


But as you already know, we’re not like most classes.


For Week 13, our official last week of Candle Magic gloriousness, we wanted to end by giving you a proven way to use candle magic to enchant large areas of your life…all at once.


To take something you desire, like more passion in a relationship, more abundance across all areas of your life, greater protection from harm or danger, infusing more joy in your complete life experience, etc.


And give you an overall spell-working template that can be used in any area of your life.


And this is key here…Area of life!


So far, we’ve taught you candle spell techniques that are exceptionally good at enchanting for specific outcomes.


This final lesson will take a different approach. These spells will be great for coloring your life with a particular flavor. An overall increase in a specific feeling and general tone.


A saying goes, “When you raise the water level in a harbor, all boats rise!”


That’s the idea of what we will teach you this final week.


How to raise the water levels in the harbor of your life.


So, to raise the water in your harbor so that all boats rise, we will be talking about emotional tones and themes. How to increase certain tones and themes across your entire life experience.


We will demonstrate how this works with 3 example Magical Amalgam candle spell workings.


This lesson will also explore:

– The Power of magical amalgam spells

– The beauty secret of Venetian mirrors and how that secret can transform your candle magic

– A proven Amalgam Spell Template to use for ANYTHING you want or need


And we are going to give you THREE proven Magical Amalgam Spells:

1. Better Love/Relationships Amalgam Candle Spell

2. More Abundance and Wealth Amalgam Candle Spell

3. Protection from Harm Amalgam Candle Spell


What a glorious ending to celebrate your new mastery of Candle Magic!

Candle Magic Master Class

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"I LOVE and still rave about this candle magic class. The first three lessons cover things that took me 14 YEARS to learn on my own. It's so good that teachers as authentic and knowledgeable as Damien and Amaya are accessible today!! Everyone would benefit from taking this class! The exercises alone will make them more successful in their magic."
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