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"The Eternal Flame course with Damien and Amaya was essential to helping me understand why so many other books and methods didn't click with me. I now have a deeper understanding of practical magic, and was impressed with the safe, empathetic, and fun atmosphere of the course!"
Whitney Hill
Award-Winning Fantasy Author

What Happens Within Minutes of Enrolling

Once you register for The Eternal Flame class, you will be contacted by Amaya and me.

We both love to meet new people and are so excited to meet you and find out how we can best be your companions in studying magic!

You will also be added to the private & safe community group created explicitly for The Eternal Flame class students. 

This group will become your second family, your tribe, and a safe place to learn and grow in the power of candle magic. 

We protect and diligently guard this space so that all students feel loved and welcomed.

Each weekly lesson will build on the previous week’s lesson. These lessons are recorded, so you can come back to them repeatedly. 

You can learn at your own pace and are welcome to ask as many questions as you need to.

Occasionally Amaya will hold live zoom office hours to answer your questions and give everyone an opportunity to hang out.

Amaya and I are absolutely dedicated to your success!

"I LOVE and still rave about this candle magic class. The first three lessons cover things that took me 14 YEARS to learn on my own. It's so good that teachers as authentic and knowledgeable as Damien and Amaya are accessible today!! Everyone would benefit from taking this class! The exercises alone will make them more successful in their magic."
Asphodelo Stregganio

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  • Each Week's Lesson automatically opens every 7 days.
"If you're ready to stop waiting for life to happen to you and start creating your own life, Damien's teachings will take you to a new level. I thought I'd read and learned just about everything around this topic but Damien's deep knowledge and gift of writing & teaching taught me things I'd never considered before."
Gabriel Omat
Gabriel Galloway Omat
Coach & Entrepreneur